Features of Banda Part de La Meute’s New iOS Music Streaming App

Banda Part de la Meute (bande a part) is a French-founded streaming music website whose mission is to offer subscribers free music-based audio and video content based on a number of musical genres and subgenres. Subscribers can therefore enjoy ad-free or low-cost music as they listen and download to these audio/video playlists on the website. The subscriber also has the option of creating his own personal playlists which enable him to easily browse through the music of choice and make his choice with ease. This unique feature enables subscribers to avoid being distracted by ads which are found in regular websites. This site also enables members to create their own profile page which features information about the artist, the songs played, and various contact details such as email address, phone number, and Facebook account link.

Choosing an Audio Streaming Website – What Should You Look For in Your App?

The latest addition to Banda Part de la Meute’s list of highly sought after applications is the ios music streaming app. The ios music streaming app is an iPhone and iPad compatible app which can be used to stream music from anywhere in the world. The mobile application has features which allow users to manage their playlists, listen and download music as and when it is available, as well as viewing featured tracks and recent album releases. The impressive features and functionalities of the app make it stand out amongst other online music subscription services such as Bandcamp and Soundcloud. The streaming platform also allows users to share music using popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and StumbleUpon.

The developers of Banda Part de la Meute have also included features such as voice recording in the free music streaming website. Users who need voice assistance can call in and request for such a service, wherein they will be provided with instructions on how to record their own voice for use in the free music streaming website. This makes the platform even more useful and popular.

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