Benefits of Learning From Singapore Violinist Janice Lee

singapore violinist  lvl music academy

In addition to teaching violin lessons, LVL Music Academy also offers other music lessons, such as violin theory workshops. They cater to both youths and adults, and are open to students of all ages. LVL Music Academy is co-founded by Singapore violinist Janice Lee, who has extensive experience in the industry. She is also a mentor to many aspiring violinists. The following are some benefits of learning from LVL Music Academy.

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The school’s reputation is built upon the work of Ms. Yan, a violinist and conductor with a distinguished career background. She was the Second Principal Violin of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and has worked extensively with young musicians. Born in Taiwan, Ms. Lee studied at the Eastman School of Music. Her mother, Ana Lee, studied piano in England and obtained a music degree from Cambridge University. She has performed in the Royal Albert Hall and other prestigious venues across the world, including the U.S.

The school’s faculty is a valuable asset and the highest-quality education is delivered by well-trained teachers. Janice Lee carefully screens each instructor to ensure students receive an optimal music education. Every educator has a unique experience and style of teaching. LVL Music Academy is conveniently located at 195 Pearl’s Hill Terrace, near Chinatown MRT. Students can choose a convenient time for their lessons and the school also offers online lessons.

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