The Benefits of Partner Yoga

partner yoga

In partner yoga, you and your partner can hold the same posture or try different variations. One of the most popular poses is the Double Dancer Pose. Begin by lying face-to-face and holding your partner’s hands. Then, bend forward and place the sole of your feet on your partner’s hips. Then, slowly lean forward until your forehead is in line with their shoulder blades. Hold for up to four or five breaths.

This article will give you the basics on the practice

The benefits of partner yoga go beyond the physical contact. Yoga has a lot to do with a person’s heart chakra, and touch is an important part of that. While it is not a requirement, allowing a little bit of physical contact is healthy for the soul. During a class, make sure to move with your partner. Think about how you would feel if you were moving as one. You may be surprised to find out that you feel much better with your partner than you thought.

To learn to move with your breath, start with child’s pose. Your partner should be able to bend his or her knees wide enough to allow for open breathing. You can also try the yin-yang pose, which involves inhaling as your partner does. Make sure to mirror the way your partner breathes to ensure that your partner feels relaxed. This pose is a great way to build trust and improve communication in your relationship.

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