Buying a Private Number Plate

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If you have your heart set on getting your own private number plate, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. The prices of private number plates are often higher than what you will have to pay if you buy them directly from the DVLA. Choosing a plate that reflects your personality of the vehicle is also an important consideration. If you are unsure of which style you want, you can use a search tool on the DVLA website.

You Will Need To Provide A Photo Of Your Vehicle Logbook

Private number plates are more costly than other modifications, but the cost is worth it. You can pay a minimum of $245 for a private number plate, but a private ID plate can cost up to $352,411. The money raised from the sale of private registration plates goes to the Treasury, so you can see why this is such a popular choice for many people. Unfortunately, the majority of motorists don’t like this trend. They claim that private number plate buyers are egotistical.

Private registrations are expensive, and the most expensive one was PS101 million in Abu Dhabi in 2012. However, it was still relatively inexpensive to buy one, and Northern Irish registrations are legal on the mainland. The cost is relatively low, as well. In Northern Ireland, you can get a private plate for PS99 plus transfer fees and government fees. So, if you’re considering buying a private number plate, make sure to look into the costs before you buy it.


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